Nothing enables an organization like clarity.
Clarity reveals.
It embraces reality, converting weaknesses into advantages.
Clarity emboldens.
It illuminates the need for bold choices.
Clarity compels.
It motivates by connecting to what inspires individuals.
Clarity mobilizes.
It makes it easy for people to take the right actions.


Put Clarity to Work.
Paul Pendergrass is an independent business consultant and speechwriter. With an outsider's objectivity, he helps leaders bring their business strategies to life through compelling communication.

Paul Pendergrass is an independent business consultant who helps companies use communications to accelerate their business strategies, with a focus on companies in intense competitive or turn-around situations.

For more than a decade, Paul has consulted with large and small companies around the world, encouraging them "play offense" by embracing reality, focusing on action, talking straight and telling compelling stories.

Before that, Paul worked 17 years for The Coca-Cola Company in a variety of communications roles in both the corporate headquarters and field operations. At the headquarters, Paul headed Coke's internal and investor communications, and worked as the principle speechwriter for the company's legendary chairman and chief executive officer, Roberto Goizueta. In the field, Paul served as the communications director for the team charged with turning around the company's business in early-post-apartheid South Africa. After that, he served as vice president of communications for the company's European operations, helping lead the recovery efforts after one of the rockiest periods in Coke history.

Paul has also written extensively on “business spin” under the loosely guarded pen name of “Jack Flack,” most recently for the DealBook section of the New York Times.

A U.S. citizen who has resided on our four continents, Paul holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism. He is married to the playwright Margaret Baldwin, and they live in Atlanta.

Paul is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Georgia Shakespeare theater company.



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